Nate Diaz: “Just for the record I’d choke Oliveira easy”

UFC fan favourite Nate Diaz believes he’d be able to choke Charles Oliveira out if the two ever fought.

One thing we all know to be true about Nate Diaz is that he knows how to make some noise on social media. Whether it be through calling out other fighters or just saying something outlandish, the veteran has the ability to get the entire mixed martial arts world talking about him – as we’re doing right now.

On Saturday night, we saw Charles Oliveira take a huge leap forward once again in his UFC run as he defeated Justin Gaethje in the main event of UFC 274. Diaz, of course, took the opportunity to give his thoughts on how he’d fare if given the opportunity to battle ‘Do Bronx’.

A lot of fans and critics think this is a particularly strange tweet from Diaz but either way, the Stockton king will continue to push the buttons of the masses at every available opportunity.

When he does eventually return it probably won’t be against Oliveira, although we do expect to see him stand across from a big name.

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