Nate Diaz vs. Conor McGregor 3 next is the ideal plan according to Diaz’s coach

Nate Diaz is looking to fight again this year and is eyeing the trilogy with Conor McGregor his coach, Cesar Gracie revealed.

At UFC 263, Diaz returned to the Octagon for the first time in over a year and dropped a decision to Leon Edwards. After the bout, Demian Maia called out the Stockton, native but according to Gracie, he says the fight doesn’t make sense.

“I know there has been speculation on whether Nate will accept the fight with Demian Maia,” Gracie wrote in a message to MMA Fighting about Diaz. “Although I have not yet talked to Nate about his thoughts on this fight, I can tell you that I am completely against the idea. Demian has been a great representative of Brazilian jiu-jitsu on the mat and in MMA. He has accomplished much and we all respect him. He is still a dangerous opponent but I don’t feel Nate has anything to gain from this fight. If he were to lose, he would be losing to a 44-year-old that is on his way out of the sport and if he won it would be to a 44-year-old man that is leaving the sport. It is a no-win situation.”

According to Gracie, Diaz wants big fights and is looking to complete his trilogy with McGregor. They fought at UFC 196 and UFC 202 with Diaz winning the first by submission and McGregor winning the second by decision.
“I would think the trilogy versus [Conor] McGregor,” he said about Diaz’s next fight. “I know that Nate wants tough fights. He is motivated by fighting the best guys.”

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