New Judo Gi rules will be applied at the legendary Paris Grand Slam

The competition can begin. As the saying goes: the dice are thrown and it’s now time for judo. In the early afternoon behind the scenes of the Accor Arena, the draw for the 51st Paris Tournament, now known as the Paris Grand Slam, took place according to a programme perfectly orchestrated by the International Judo Federation and France Judo (French Judo Federation).

IJF New Judogi Rules to be applied from the Paris Grand Slam 2022

1. The distance between the sternum top and the lapel crossing point must be less than 10cm.

2. The crossing points of the jacket, at belt level, must be at least 25cm.

3. The jacket must cover the buttocks completely, plus 5 to 10cm.

4. Judogi sleeves must cover the full arm, including the wrist.

5. The Sokuteiki must slip inside the sleeves entirely and smoothly.

6. The belt must be fixed around the waist above the hip bone and tied very tightly.

7. Each piece of equipment and the belt must have the IJF optical logo.

Looking more closely at the draw, which is available HERE, we will follow the French armada closely, at home and keen to please and honour their audience. With a total of 55 athletes, the host country should retain a good slice of the pie. Will the French world and Olympic medallists be there in good shape? Amandine Buchard, Sarah Léonie Cysique, both individual silver medallists in Tokyo, Madeleine Malonga, Romane Dicko or Axel Clergé, also Olympic medallists, could well thrill the French public.

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