Nikolay Yorgov and Kristiyan Doychev – discipline, respect and consistency (VIDEO)

Nikolay Yorgov and Kristiyan Doychev wrote their names in the history books with the triumph at the 1st European Open SENSHI championship.

It took place at the 15-th KWU International Summer Kyokushin Camp which started on 4th of July and gathered all the kyokyshin elite in one place. The European championship had to be held in 2020, but it was postponed due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

“The road is always difficult, we went through hard training camp. What we train in the hall, we managed to apply in the ring and we both won”, said Nikolay Yorgov in the studio of “Bulgaria sutrin”.

He is silver medalist from World championship in kickboxing and Muay thay. He has 7 wins and only 1 loss at the professional ring.

“You overcome the loss, you stand stronger and you think ahead. It is a process in which a person learns through all his life. Discipline and respect are most important. Self-discipline and perseverance, there is no way to learn everything in couple of days. You learn over time and you need perseverance every day. In order to maintain perseverance, discipline is needed”, Yorgov added.

They both with Doychev are categorical that the champion’s spirit is built during the trainings.

“The emotion is great when you hear so many Bulgarians chanting your name and sharing success with you. The feeling is indescribable! We both managed to make all the Bulgarians who supported us happy with titles. The most important thing is to always think only about victory and to achieve the best of yourself”, Doychev told Bulgaria ON AIR.

Over the years, he has placed second at the Karate Kyokushin World Championships, and has become several times European champion for men and juniors. He has also trained boxing for many years, and has silver medal from the European Championship.

Yorgov and Doychev do not feel in the shadow of other athletes and say that martial arts are gaining more and more interest every day. They both would not compete in MMA fights.

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