Oscar De La Hoya comeback fight happening July 3 on Triller PPV card

Oscar De La Hoya isn’t one to get shown up by other past boxing greats who’ve decided to end their retirement to get back in the ring. As is being reported by Mike Coppinger, De La Hoya announced during a press conference for Jake Paul vs Ben Askren that he will end his 13-year retirement from boxing to appear on a July 3rd card on Triller.


Other sources, including Steve Kim, report that De La Hoya and other Golden Boy executives are currently shopping Las Vegas venues to host the bout. As raw as these reports are, there’s no word on who De La Hoya will be coming back to fight nor whether or not this will be a professional or exhibition bout. It is worth noting, however, that De La Hoya has mentioned time and again that he’s the type to come back against a dangerous opponent, but we’ll just have to wait and see how that develops.

De La Hoya, 48, has no doubt had a tremendous fighting career in his day, but his day seemed to have clearly passed him by when he got plastered by Manny Pacquiao in his last fight in 2008. We’ll see where this all takes us of course, and we’ll be sure to have more news on De La Hoya’s return as it becomes available.

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