Oscar De La Hoya ‘would love to patch things up’ with UFC president Dana White

Oscar De La Hoya wants to mend fences with UFC president Dana White.

De La Hoya, a legendary boxer and current fight promoter at Golden Boy, has been locked in a public feud with UFC boss White for the past several years.

At one point the two sides were more than cordial, but when De La Hoya criticized White and the UFC for making a boxing match between Conor McGregor and Floyd Mayweather in August 2016 – which is the highest selling combat sports pay-per-view event in history – the dynamic of the relationship altered for the worse.

There would be some harsh personal comments hurled in both directions over the past, and White has never been shy to take shots at De La Hoya at any given opportunity.

De La Hoya apparently wants to put all that in the past, though. He told TMZ this week that he would like to make peace with White and start fresh.

“I wanna fix things up with Dana,” De La Hoya said. “I criticized the UFC a bit, and I was wrong for it. I would love to patch things up with Dana. And with Mayweather.”

Whether White would be receptive to the idea of hashing things out with De La Hoya remains to be seen. However, it hasn’t been that long since things got heated between the two.

De La Hoya took shots at UFC fighter pay in September, which prompted White to go on the attack about De La Hoya’s treatment of fighters in the boxing world and his lone venture into MMA.

More recently, White accused De La Hoya of “faking” COVID-19 after he withdrew from a scheduled boxing comeback fight against former UFC champ Vitor Belfort.

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