Over 240 athletes fought at the Bulgarian Nationals U14

The National championship in Kyokushin for children under 12 and 14 yo in kumite and kata discipline was held in Varna on 19th March 2022 with more than 240 athletes.

The championship was organized by the Bulgarian Karate Kyokushin Federation (BKKF), Sports Club “Nihonto” of Sensei Zahari Damyanov, and the Municipality of Varna and in the sports hall “Mladost” of the Palace of Culture and Sports in the seaside city.

The federation calendar is also full of international participation, for which the national team is preparing hard.

The special award “Fighting Spirit” for boys was won by Shaban Shabanov from the sports club “Gladiator” – Burgas, and for girls, the prize was won by Katerina Boyadzhieva from SC “Katana” – Veliko Tarnovo.

Plamen Dishkov from SC “Sentoki” – Burgas was awarded the prize “Best Technique” among the boys, and among the girls, the special award was awarded Yoana Dafinkicheva from SC. “Armeec” – Sofia.

Photos: “Lesemann” Studio

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