Peter Fury: Shields – Marshall is the biggest fight in women’s boxing

Peter Fury is crossing his fingers that a showdown finally happens with two-time Olympic gold medal winner Claressa Shields and Savannah Marshall in 2022.

Both of the unbeaten boxers are now aligned with Sky Sports, who plan to showcase them in a doubleheader on December 11.

Should both fighters win their respective fights, they will be set to collide in the ring in the first quarter of next year.

This past Saturday night, Marshall overpowered Lolita Muzeya in two rounds to retain her title in Newcastle.

“Everyone has got their own fabulous technique. Katie Taylor is magnificent, she’s a top fighter. But name me a woman in any division that has got punch power and can box? When Savannah gets you going, you’re not getting off. She has got that instinct to do damage. I don’t know anybody in any other division that’s like Savannah,” said Peter Fury to Sky Sports.

“[In December] we’ll get a look at [Shields], up close and personal. It’s going to be a fantastic evening. There’s going to be fireworks on December 11. Can you imagine those two in the same building? Claressa Shields is tough and she belongs where she is. That’s going to be a very good fight.”

“I’m sure Claressa Shields is one tough customer as well. It’s a different fight, a different ball game. I’m just excited about it. That’s what makes this fight so exciting. It’s a 50-50 fight. Claressa Shields hasn’t got terrific punch power, that’s for sure, and Savannah has. But Claressa has got very fast hands. It’s a tremendous fight. A stand alone, main event fight. I think it’s the biggest fight in women’s boxing.”

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