Polaris 19 results and highlights

On Saturday, March 26, top UK-based promotion Polaris returned to action with a card headlined by Magid Hage and recent ADCC Trials winner Roberto Jimenez.

The event also featured a pair of Polaris title bouts, as both Ash Williams and Kendall Reusing were able to retain their belts.

Like all Polaris events, each match was contested under a submission-only ruleset. In the event no submission occurs during regulation, mat-side judges award a victor.

Fresh off a first-place finish at the ADCC South American Trials, Jimenez needed just over to finish Hage. With Jimenez in half-guard top, Hage used a classic John Wayne sweep to gain top position, but the advantage lasted just a moment as Jimenez was able to snake around to Hage’s back. From there, Jimenez used his trademark hand-trapping to secure a clean rear-naked choke.

Full Polaris 19 results and highlights:

  • Roberto Jimenez def. Magid Hage via submission (rear-naked choke)

  • Kendall Reusing def. Amanda Leve via injury forfeiture (women’s openweight title)
  • Ash Williams def. Jack Sear via decision
  • Owen Livesey def. Frederic Vosgrone via decision

  • Eoghan O’Flanagan def. Valentin Fels via decision

  • Margot Ciccarelli def. Ashley Bendle via decision
  • Phil Harris def. Paddy Holohan via decision


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