Police seize 132 kg of crystal methamphetamine smuggled in boxing equipment

 Blame Thai customs officials, who seized a shipment of boxing equipment stuffed with 193 kilograms of crystal methamphetamine earlier this week.

Reuters reports that customs officials became suspicious of a large shipment of Thai boxing equipment bound for Australia. Apparently unaware of the Kambosos-mania that’s sure to be sweeping the continent these days, Thai officials felt the quantity of heavy bags was far greater than legitimate demand would justify. A closer inspection proved their suspicions correct, revealing almost a quarter of a ton of crystal meth hidden in the lining and stuffing.

Joel Carruthers, Australian Border Force Acting Superintendent, is quoted in the Reuters article as saying that Australia consumes 11 tons of methamphetamine per year. That averages out to over a third of a gram for every Australian, from newborn all the way to elderly, which seems like a lot of meth use.

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