Preview: All Japan Championships promises fireworks

This weekend the All Japan Championships will be held at Fukuoka Kokusai Center. Only the best 8 Judokas of each category can compete at this annual championship. The events is very important for the selection of this year’s World Championships in Tashkent. On Saturday the women will fight, on Sunday the men.

Here is the report of Judo Inside.

Women’s favourites:

U48kg Last year’s winner Natsumi Tsunoda is seeded first and is by far the favourite

U52kg Of course we like to see Olympic Champion Uta Abe in action. Last year’s winner Nanako Tsubone is seeded third. Double world champion Shishime Ai doesn’t compete.

U57kg Former World Champion Tsukasa Yoshida is seeded first and separated from Momo Tamaoki who is in the pool with last year’s winner Haruka Funakubo in a competitive weight category.

U63kg Last year’s winner Nami Nabekura is seeded first, Kirari Yamaguchi is an outsider.

U70kg is always strong in Japan. Last year’s winner Saki Niizoe is seeded first again and separated from Yoko Ono, the World Championships silver medallist last year.

U78kg Olympic Champion Shori Hamada is the number one seed. Mami Umeki won bronze at the World Last year while also Ruika Sato is a big candiate for gold. Last year’s winner Rika Takayama is Sato’s first opponent, what a line up.

O78kg World Championships finallists Sarah Asahina and Wakaba Tomita are in the same heavyweight pool on Saturday. They seemed the biggest candidates as Olympic Champion Akira Sone is absent.

Men’s favourites:

U60kg The lightweights will probably see a super clash of the two best fighters of Japan for years: Naohisa Takato and Ryuju Nagayama, but in Japan you never know. Genki Koga and Sho Tateyama are lined up in the first round as well.

U66kg Speaking about clashes, this can be the biggest of all, a rematch between Hifumi Abe and Joshiro Maruyama, the best athletes U66kg. We don’t see other candidates to interfere. It’s a rematch you won’t afford to miss.

U73kg Even without Shohei Ono this category is interesting with Soichi Hashimoto and number one seed Shusuke Uchimura. Hashimoto is in a tough pool though.

U81kg What about a final between Olympic Champion Takanori Nagase and Sotaro Fujiwara who comes in shape. Definitely not guarantee they will qualify as the field is competitive with Sasaki, Goki Maruyama and Kohara.

U90kg Maybe not the best Japanese class but Shoichiro Mukai is eager to make clear he is the top contender. Still, he is separated from Kenta Nagasawa and young gun Sanshiro Murao.

U100kg You can see Olympic Champion Aaron Wolf in action, he even fought Teddy Riner at the team event. This field is nice with Kentaro Iida and Ryunosuke Haga on the other side.

O100kg Heavyweights Hisayoshi Harasawa is the number one seed and separated from World Champion Kokoro Kageura. But there are lots of candidates for gold: Ojitani will meet Harasawa in round one and Kaguera will clash with young man Saito. Hyoga Ota is another candidate, what a way to end this championships.

Source: Judo Inside

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