Proper kids training and a lot of sparring in the last sessions of KWU Camp in Varna

“I`m proud of my work with you”, with those words the Dutch legend Semmy Schilt meant goodbye to the participants in the KWU International Professional League camp in Varna. The event took place in “Vladislav” gym in Varna between 28-th and 31-st of October.

Over 100 fighters from all over Bulgaria participated in six training sessions and trained along Semmy Schilt and Peter Aerts.

The champions of the legendary K-1 championship were impressed by the hard work and determination that the coaches and fighters showed during the sessions and expressed their hopes that they will imply what they learned in their training sessions and their future performances in the ring or as a judge, referee, etc.

A lot more live sparrings were played out in the last sessions. K-1 legend Peter Aerts wanted to see how the fighters use the “weapons” he taught them to use in the long distance. He spent a lot of time individually conuslting many fighters. During the sparring he carefully watched and instructed each and everyone.

Semmy Schilt continued his work with the instructors. In the noon session on Saturday he split the partcipants in groups of four and set a task for every group. In this exercise Semmy wanted to see speed and coaching skills.

In the morning session on Sunday, which was the last one from the camp, Schilt spoke more about philosophy about teaching and working with kids. The black belt in Karate Ashihara chose 7 combinations which he worked on with the instructors. He told them that at this point they don`t deen more, because kids need to learn the basics first.

“It`s not important what belt and what degree you have. Because what we learn here you have to teach it to the kids later” said Semmy. He also insisted on explaining the kids techniques and and not shout or intimidated them.

In the end of the camp Peter Aerts and Semmy Schilt had a Q and A session with coaches and fighters.

The camps of KWU International Professional League are initiated by the organization chairman Shihan Ivo Kamenov who is also head of the National Combat Sports Association of Bulgaria. The camps take place in different locations several times per year.

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