Road to ADCC Results and Highlights

On Saturday, July 17, ADCC and FloGrappling held “The Road to ADCC,” headlined by a match-up between 2019 ADCC champions Matheus Diniz and Kaynan Duarte. In the main event, Atos black belt Duarte made quick work of Diniz with a heel hook submission in just over two minutes of action. Also, in a bit of drama, Mikey Musumeci had harsh words for Geo Martinez following a 6-0 points victory.

In the co-main event, Danaher Death Squad representative Nicky Ryan toughed out a leg injury to secure a hard-earned points victory over Dante Leon. Ryan showed off much-improved wrestling against one of the division’s best wrestlers in what was Ryan’s best showing of the year so far. In a post-match interview, Ryan indicated that he had injured his right knee.

Lower on the card, Mikey Musumeci continued his run through the no-gi scene with a 6-0 win over Geo Martinez. The match was an exciting leg lock shootout that saw Musumeci gaining positional dominance down the stretch, but the real drama came after the match, when a very fired up Musumeci had harsh words for Martinez’s pre and post-match behavior.

“I always rooted for him… I thought we were friends,” said Musumeci. “And then he just completely changed his persona. I guess he cares more about followers than how he interacts with people… I have so much respect for his jiu-jitsu. As a person, I have zero respect… You should get kicked out of your gym if you act like that in the gym or a tournament.”

Full Road to ADCC results and highlights:

Kaynan Duarte def. Matheus Diniz via submission (heel hook)
Nicky Ryan def. Dante Leon via points (5-0)
Mikey Musumeci def. Geo Martinez via points (6-0)
Lucas Barbosa def. William Tackett via points (34-0)
Ana Carolina Vieira def. Elisabeth Clay via points (5-0)
Roberto Jimenez def. Kade Ruotolo via submission (rear-naked choke)

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