Rolando Romero eager to knock Gervonta Davis out

With lightweight hopeful Rolando Romero set for what will by the biggest opportunity of his career when he challenges Gervonta ‘Tank’ Davis for his WBA ‘world’ title on May 28, he held an open media workout today and talked about the fight. And just in case there was any doubt, Romero hasn’t shied away from his prediction of a swift knockout of Davis.

“One round, I’m knocking him out. If I say I’m going to do it, then I’m going to do it,” Romero said. “He’s going to get knocked out by the first punch that he eats. He’s going to run right into something.”

Romero is assumed to have his work cut out for him in this fight if you’re to consider at the general consensus of the boxing public, but he’s not letting any of that negativity get to him in his preparations for the bout.

“I always feel good every time I’m going into a fight,” Romero continued. “I don’t like ‘Tank’ as a person and I believe he’s going to get whupped in this fight. He ducked me twice for sparring and the bad blood has been there ever since. I’ve been calling him out since 2017. The only reason this fight was made was because I wanted it. He doesn’t want this. He wishes he was fighting some 126 or 122-pounder.”

Both Davis and Romero recently held a press conference during the promotion of to this iteration of their matchup, and Romero says he’s seeing signs of weakness from the Baltimore native.

“I just saw a bunch of nervous energy from Gervonta when we faced off. He didn’t say anything to me,” Romero said. “He doesn’t even believe he’s going to knock me out.

“Tell me one fight where he hasn’t gotten punched on by smaller dudes with no power? I’m way more accurate than anyone he’s ever fought. I’m way stronger and more explosive. It’s just common sense, he’s getting knocked out.”

Romero would also mention how he’s gotten added confidence from Davis’ last performance against Isaac Cruz, believing that fight only reinforced cracks in Davis’ armor.

“I thought Isaac Cruz beat Gervonta,” Romero would say. “That fight showed just how vulnerable he is. He’s scared of people that can actually crack.”

And just to ensure that he’s got all angles covered, Romero has also enlisted the assistance of a certified Cuban boxing ace, former world champion Joel Casamayor.

“Having Joel Casamayor in my camp is great,” said Romero. “Just watching him, because he’s a slick southpaw, has taught me a lot. He’s helped me with my movement and my accuracy and he’s watched me knock a lot of people out ever since the amateurs.”

But as for Davis himself, Romero has no kind words to offer, he’s just looking forward to seeing him inside the ring.

“I don’t have any message for Davis, I just have these fists,” Romero concluded.

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