Rory MacDonald with statement after PFL disappointment

Rory MacDonald plans on bouncing back stronger at the end of his MMA career.

MacDonald (22-7-1) was hoping to add another title to his resume when he signed with the PFL for the 2021 season.

But the “Red King’s” journey came to an end when he was dominated by reigning champion Ray Cooper III in the semifinals at 2021 PFL Playoffs 1

“Happy to be home with my family after spending 6 weeks apart. Being away from them for that long really affected me & showed me how much we need to be together for me to be at my best.

Ill be taking a few weeks off to enjoy relaxing at home with family and use the time to start planning my comeback for my 2nd season in PFL MMA”, posted Rory MacDonald.

His issues were visible by all fans.

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