Roy Jones believes Saunders could shock Canelo

If there’s a man on this planet that has the right to talk about boxing anytime he wants and especially about shocking results, it’s Roy Jones.

The legend who trains Chris Eubank Jr.said in a recent interview that Billy Joe Saunders could very well end up defeating Canelo Alvarez, which will be regarded by the majority as one of the biggest surprises ever.

The Mexican superstar is facing Saunders this upcoming Saturday in Florida, US, in a super middleweight unification bout.

The 31-year-old is a huge betting underdog, as he only had only two fights in the last three years. Meanwhile, Canelo will be fighting for the third time in the span of six months.

“I give Billy Joe a really good chance. The reason being is because if you think about Canelo Alvarez, the toughest two fights he’s had in his career to me were Floyd Mayweather Jr., who’s a pure boxer, and a southpaw by the name of Erislandy Lara, who was a boxer,” Jones told IFL TV.

“So if you think about those two guys, who’s Billy Joe closely related to the boxing ring? Those two guys. He’s a boxer, he’s southpaw, and he can punch, but he thinks boxing first, much like Tyson Fury. When you got a guy like that, the only problem Billy Joe’s gonna have is, can he last long enough early to get to those late rounds without sustaining any injuries, cuts, headbutts, anything.

“He has to figure out how to make up for that ring rust before he gets in there, because if he can get into the fight right away, he has a very good chance of winning it. If he doesn’t get into the fight right away, then he’ll get blown away, but he’s a very smart guy, he’s a boxer, he’s a smart boxer. With that being said, he should have a chance in this fight.”


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