Ryan Garcia addresses Canelo criticism, says he’s coming for everyone in 2022

Fight Hub was on hand for the Canelo-Plant fight and was able to quickly catch up with lightweight Ryan Garcia to get his thoughts on Canelo’s stoppage of Caleb Plant and to respond to Canelo’s recent criticism of his commitment to boxing.

Garcia on Canelo’s knockout of Plant

“(Plant) didn’t really come out fast. I mean, Canelo lets people do that and then he broke him down like usual. Canelo does what Canelo does.”

On if Canelo’s performance inspired him to want to get back in the ring ASAP

“Oh yeah, I don’t lack inspiration though. I’m a hungry fighter, I had a hard year.”

On Canelo’s comments about him wasting his talent

“I understand where he’s coming from. It’s always all love, I don’t take anything personal. I just know that I had a hard year but I’m fully recovered mentally and when I get back (from my hand injury) I’m coming for everybody’s heads that said I’m not disciplined or nothing, I’m coming straight for them. I’m gonna knock everyone out sleep, cold. I’m coming for everybody. Destroy ‘em.”


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