SAMBO seminar was held in the Australian state of Victoria

A SAMBO seminar for athletes, coaches and referees was held in the Australian state of Victoria. The venue of the event was the Torney’s Fighting Fit sports club, where for three days from June 17 to June 19, the participants worked out the techniques they already knew and mastered new techniques.

According to the organizers, special emphasis during the seminar was placed on the program of certification of athletes, understanding of the rules and execution of techniques. Earlier, Australian SAMBO coaches passed the FIAS online certification and received the right to conduct attestations at student levels.

After hours of exhausting training, it was time for the culmination – masterful sambists staged demonstrations, and children aged 4 to 16 years met on the carpet in competitive duels.

There were the heads of local sports clubs, as well as the directors of secondary schools among the spectators of the event. According to the organizers, they left a lot of positive feedback about what they saw.

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