SENSHI 11 produced masterful bouts and top notch international fighting

As one could expected, the 11th edition of the international SENSHI fight night produced on hell of a night for fight fans in Bulgaria and all around the world.

Once again, the bar was raised thanks to the dynamic and atractive fighters that put it all one the line in “Kongresna” hall in Varna, Bulgaria.

The fight night produced a total of 11 clashes that was conducted under the KWU SENSHI and KWU Full Contact rules. SENSHI 11 had it all – evenly matched fighters, severe knockouts and non-stop action from top to bottom.

The main event of the night was a fight between Germany’s Sergej Braun and Serbia’s Nikola Todorovic. This fight was postponed not once, but twice in 2021 due to COVID-19, but third time was the charm. Braun was the winner in the last fight of the night, getting the W via UD.

Once again, Braun showcased his elite fighting skills and therefore he’ll be flying home with the “Best Technique” award.

The other awards were given to two of the SENSHI first timers. Italy’s Alessio Malatesta lost his debut bout against Russia’s Artem Pashporin, but the 20-year-old Italian was no doubt deserving of the “Best fighting spirit” award, as he showcased a lot of aggression and will to win.

The “Knockout of the Night” award was given to Estonia’s Maikel Astur who delivered one of the finest highlist reels in the history of SENSHI, knockig out Maxim Zaplitnii from Moldova in the very last seconds of their fight with a brutal knee to the head.

Here are all the results from SENSHI 11:

Aik Danielian def. Davide Pietrolini via UD

Dragomir Petrov def. Sergio Sanchez via KO

Peter Stoykov def. Alexander Ivanov via TKO

Atanas Bozhilov def. Cesar Matei via UD

Eduard Alexanyan def. Vladislav Tiurmenko via UD

Artem Pashporin def. Alessio Malatesta after and additional round

Maikel Astur def. Maxim Zaplitnii via KO

Florin Lambagiu def. Ehsan Sajed via TKO

Ahmed Krnjic def. Uku Jurjendal after an additional round

Alexander Petrov def. Boban Ilioski via TKO

Sergej Braun def. Nikola Todorovic via UD

Images: Studio ‘Lesemann’

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