SENSHI Course in Bragança Paulista with World Masters

Between January 24th and 28th, Bragança Paulista, a city in the countryside of Sao Paulo, hosted a remarkable event in the world of martial arts, the SENSHI Kickboxing Course. Taught by the renowned Shihan Francisco Filho, a world champion in Kyokushin and a K-1 star, the course also featured the distinguished presence of the world champion, Shihan Andrews Nakahara, a 5th Dan in SENSHI Kickboxing, who assisted in the training sessions.

During the first three days of the event, participants had the opportunity to refine their skills, covering basic to advanced kickboxing techniques. Under the guidance of Shihan Francisco Filho and with the support of Shihan Andrews Nakahara, students received high-level instruction, enriching their knowledge in the discipline.

The highlight of the course took place on January 27th, with the challenging “Race of Overcoming.” In this test of physical and mental endurance, participants faced obstacles that demanded determination, focus, and perseverance, reflecting the indomitable spirit of martial arts.

On the last day, January 28th, students had the chance to showcase their progress in the SENSHI Kickboxing system’s graduation examination. It was a moment of celebration, where practitioners were recognized for their commitment and dedication to the art of kickboxing.

The SENSHI Kickboxing Course in Bragança Paulista not only provided a unique training opportunity but also brought together enthusiasts from all over Brazil in pursuit of excellence in martial arts. With the presence of Shihan Francisco Filho and Shihan Andrews Nakahara as prominent instructors, the event inspired participants to continue refining their skills and knowledge in the discipline. Undoubtedly, this intensive week of training will leave a lasting mark on the lives of all involved. 

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