Shawn Porter announces retirement after Crawford loss

Former two-time welterweight champion of the world Shawn Porter has announced his retirement from the sport of boxing right after his loss to WBO champion Terence Crawford.

‘Bud’ defeated Porter via TKO in the 10th round, making a fifth straight successful title defence. It was also Porter’s first time being stopped inside the distance.

Porter got dropped by his opponent twice in the 10th round, but Shawn managed to get up both times. The second one, though, his father and trainer Kenny Porter threw in the white towel and the fight got called off.

Kenny’s decision to stop the fight led to him being booed because the fans felt that Porter was fine and could have continued. Even though Porter’s stamina was on the low, he looked like he can get two more rounds under his belt, as he was not that hurt.

“Showtime” announced his decision to retire in the post-fight interview, as nobody expected the 34-year-old to hang the gloves for good.

“I’m prepared to retire,” Porter said. “I was prepared to announce my retirement tonight, win, lose or draw. We had the date they was telling us we was gonna have to do it again [if Porter won]. I was not gonna do it again. I’m announcing my retirement right now.”

“I knew that Errol Spence Jr. was gonna be my last fight, after 2017 I think it was, when he won his championship from Kell Brook,” Porter said. “And I said he would be the last one I fought. And after we fought, I felt there was something else, and that something else was Terence Crawford. I said win, lose or draw, it doesn’t matter – I’ve given this sport a great deal, from the training to the competition, and more training. And after you fought everybody at the top, what more do you do? I’m not gonna be a gatekeeper.”

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