Shiho Tanaka claims gold for Japan in Tel Aviv

After a very balanced final U70kg at the Grand Slam in Tel Aviv, thirty seconds from the end Shiho Tanaka executed an uchi-mata in traditional style against Dutch Sanne van Dijke.

Sanne Van Dijke of the Netherlands was another favourite of the competition who didn’t fail to reach the final, after she defeated former world champion from France, Marie Eve Gahie, who is still struggling to get back to her best form.

To face the Dutch athlete was the Japanese judoka Shiho Tanaka, who, earlier in the competition, defeated the winner of the most recent Paris Grand Slam, Margaux Pinot.

The first bronze medal contest saw Marie Eve Gahie competing against Aoife Coughlan (AUS), who showed some good skill during the preliminaries but was lacking finesse to pass more rounds. Immediately, Gahie showed her power and executed the most dangerous technique but  clearly she was missing the finish to be able to score.

It was enough to force her opponent to be penalised though, which she was twice. Just before the end, Gahie pinned Coughlan but once again could not conclude. It was time for golden score.

It was not that Coughlan didn’t try but Gahie was definitely physically stronger. As she couldn’t score, the final result depended on the third penalty which was not long in the making for the Australian. This is medal number seven in a grand slam for Gahie.

In the second bronze medal contest Michaela Polleres (AUT) faced Kelly Petersen Pollard (GBR). Halfway through, Petersen Pollard scored a first waza-ari with a koshi-waza technique. In fact, Michaela Polleres could have avoided it but by staying behind her opponent she was thrown. Then Petersen Pollard held her advantage until the end to win her third bronze medal in a grand slam.

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