Stoimenov kept his word and finished Cherif at the end of round one


Jivko Stoimenov proved to be a man of his word and gave Drame Cherif his first knockout loss in the KWU Open 85 kg. division at SENSHI 20.

The Bulgarian had a game plan to move the fight to the ground but found it difficult to keep Drame down because of the specific of the Open rules at SENSHI. The fact that they faced each other in a ring and not in a cage was in favor of the Beninese.

But Jivko found a way to send him to the floor with his strong left hook. There he used the opportunity to start a lightning ground and pound so that the referee Semmy Schilt intervened and waved Cherif out.

Stoimenov once again proved to be one of Bulgaria’s best MMA fighters and it seems that we still have allot to hear from him in the future.


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