Sviatlana Tsimashenka: Beating Mariya Oryashkova was the toughest challenge at the World C’s

Belarusian athlete Sviatlana Tsimashenka won a gold medal at the World Championships in Tashkent in the up to 80 kg weight category. She shared her excitement at the long-awaited win and the secrets of preparation with the FIAS website right following the bout.

Sviatlana, congratulations on your win by superiority with a submission hold. Was the tournament demanding for you?

– Yes, but probably I won my most challenging fight in the morning, defeating the representative of Bulgaria, many-time world champion, the legendary Maria Oryashkova. The rest was easier, I just was doing what I can do best, that is to fight.

Owing to your medal, the national team of the Republic of Belarus reached first place in the women’s team standings…

– True, and this is for the first time ever. We are all so happy!

What words did the coach say to encourage you before the finals?

– “Go and show what you can.” I did just that, gave a hundred percent and performed to the best of my abilities.

How did you prepare for the tournament? What was your secret?

– I was building a house, so I took my spade and shoved away 20 tons of sand. But this is my secret, so please don’t tell anyone (laughs).

How do you gage this tournament, its ambiance?

– Excellent organization, everything is awesome, very exciting! I feel myself at home!

How could you assess the global level of SAMBO, is the competition among athletes, and, on the whole, interest in SAMBO growing?

– Yes, both the technical skills of sambists and the interest in our sport is growing year by year. SAMBO is developing rapidly — it can be seen with the naked eye. I believe we are going to give the judokas a head start at the Olympics! Young athletes are hard on their heels and keep on gaining momentum. It’s getting harder to catch up with them (laughs).

How are you going to mark your win?

– I dream to come home, hug my son, my husband, celebrate my win at home.

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