Tel Aviv prepares to host IJF’s second Grand Slam in 2022

The IJF Tour is moving swiftly now and we are heading to Tel Aviv, Israel for their second grand slam since it’s promotion from grand prix status in 2021.

Embers of the Paris Grand Slam are still glowing for some of the French athletes who didn’t quite grab their golden success, Dicko included. A stunning final between both herself and TOMITA Wakaba (JPN) ended in favour of the Japanese but she won’t hold on to that and is focussed on the gold in Israel. In the same boat is 2019 world champion, Madeleine MALONGA who finished in bronze medal position in the -78kg category.

Incredibly, Audrey TCHEUMEO (FRA) is fighting back in full force. The 2012 and 2016 Olympic medallist has seen an opportunity to compete as an Olympian on home soil and so the chase begins. With a bronze and silver in her collection, the allure of finally taking the Olympic title will be so great and now she is already at #14 in the WRL, France will once again have a tough choice on their hands come 2024.

Many may have been disappointed not to see Clarisse AGBEGNENOU (FRA) competing in front of her home crowd but since the tournament she announced that she will be starting a family in only a few months but has every intention to be representing the red white and blue in Paris 2024.

Of course the home nation have a strong entry of 45 athletes and with a strong, knowledgable crowd behind them they will have the home advantage. A few included in this selection are Peter PALTCHIK, Timna NELSON LEVY, Raz HERSHKO, Gefen PRIMO, Inbar LANIR, Sagi MUKI, Tal FLICKER, as well as cadet and junior sensation Kerem PRIMO.


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