Terunofuji wins the Haru Basho

Mongolia’s Terunofuji Haruo has captured its third top division title after he claimed the Spring Grand Sumo Tournament that took place this past two weeks in Tokyo, Japan.

The 29-year-old rikishi claimed the “Haru Basho” tournament with a 12-3 record and thanks to his outstanding performance he’ll get promoted to sumo’s second-highest rank “ozeki” once again.

Terunofuji netted the title with a great final day win, defeating “ozeki” Takakeisho via oshidashi. This was his second top-tier title in the span of 8 months, following his Emperor’s Cup at the 2020 “Nagoya Basho”.

Bulgaria’s Daniel Ivanov-Aoiyama finished the tournament second with a 11-4 record.

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