The destructive power of George Foreman (video)

George Foreman is an American boxer who twice was the world heavyweight champion (1973–74, 1994–95). When Foreman regained the heavyweight title at age 45, he was the oldest world heavyweight champion.

His name sits comfortably alongside the best fighters of a classic heavyweight era.

George Foreman: a feared champion with ferocious punching power and a style that matches up across generations. Boxing around the world in a variety of locations, taking on opponents of all shapes and sizes, a prime Foreman packed in the crowds and his gung-ho style guaranteed excitement. An Olympic gold medallist who later became a renowned entrepreneur, and inspirational religious figure, Foreman’s legend was built across not one, but two careers. First, the brooding assassin of the 1970s threatened to bludgeon anyone standing in his way. And later, the bald, pudgy, punching preacher whose rotund physique and lights-out power fuelled an unlikely second run at world title glory that ended in the Texan shocking the world with one huge right hand. After almost twenty-five years since his last professional fight, we take a look back at the destructive power of boxing legend, big George Foreman.

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