The dream of being champion doesn’t pay the bills – Renato Moicano wants bigger purse

After facing former champion Rafael dos Anjos on short notice, lightweight Renato Moicano is looking for a quick rebound and even has a name in mind.

Only a month removed from his heavy loss to ‘RDA’, the Brazilian jiu-jitsu blackbelt now has his sights set on another veteran of the Octagon in Bobby Green. However, Renato wants the money to be right when the time to renew his contract comes.

Just two fights away from finishing his current contract, Moicano told Combate he will do anything in his power to score a better deal with the organization next time. In fact, if possible, the Brazilian will even try to earn a bigger purse before his agreement is up.

“I have two fights left on my contract. One more win and we’ll ask for more money. At the end of the day, that’s what matters. The dream of becoming a champion is nice, but it doesn’t pay the bills. The dream alone doesn’t. I want to become champion, but my goal at the moment is to make money. Have enough of it to support me. Invest, study and make the money work for me. That’s the main goal. Of course, I want to be champion, but that doesn’t pay the bills. My main goal is to make money and get better along the way.”

Whether or not Moicano will be able to have wish of making more money granted, one thing is sure for the Brazilian. He would love to take on veteran Green next, given that both men and well-known, out of the rankings and recently fought at the same show.

“We both had tough fights on the same night. So it’s the same waiting time for the both of us. We’re out of the rankings, but we’ve had great showings. It’s a fight that makes sense and I want to take advantage of his hype, too. It’s a winnable fight. I’m better everywhere. I want a main event and I want to put my name on the top. I want to show the UFC I’m ready for anybody. The good guys and the bad guys. I want to go back in June or August. I’m going back to the United States on April 8th. I’ve been training lightly getting back on my routine. I’m starting to feel annoyed that I don’t have a routine. Human beings are so annoying, we’re always complaining. Meanwhile, I’m trying to learn new things. Pick some capoeira, maybe some tae kwon do.”

Before the unanimous decision loss to Dos Anjos, Moicano (16-5-1) was on a two-fight winning streak, with submission wins over both Jai Herbert and Alexander Hernandez, respectively in June 2021 and February 2022.

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