The first tournament of the open series “Indonesia SAMBO 2022” was held in Jakarta

The first of five tournaments of the Indonesia Sambo 2022 open series was held from 18 to 20 March in Jakarta. About 100 participants took part in the competitions held in the Kelapa Gading Sports Complex. Among them were both sambists from Indonesia and representatives of other countries.

Competitions were held in Sports and Combat SAMBO – among men and women in both disciplines. On the eve of the start of the tournament, the Indonesian SAMBO Federation organized a seminar for referees, which was conducted by FIAS certified referees Martin Tandionugroho and Maria Stella Rosario.

“The uniqueness of this competition lies in the fact that it was held in a team format, where each team consists of five athletes. In addition, all medals are in the shape of one-fifth of a large circle, so if one athlete wins a medal in each of the five competitions, he or she will have five medals forming a large circle,” said Arnold Silalakhi, Secretary General of the Indonesia Sambo Federation.

The second competition of the series is planned to be held at the end of June in Bandung (West Java) and the final tournament – in Bali.

“Since these are open tournaments, we welcome and invite athletes from other countries to take part in our next event,” said Arnold Silalakhi.


Photo: Haerudin Akil

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