The KOK heavyweight title on the line on May 21

The “King of Kings” promotion will be making its return to Poland this upcoming May.

KOK WORLD SERIES 2021 IN WARSZAWA will take place on the 21st of May 2021, where the strongest K-1 Polish and European fighters will meet in the ring.

This tournament is very exciting for all martial arts fans.

The main fight of the evening for the KOK HEAVYWEIGHT champion title, 5 rounds 3 minutes each, will happen between the best Polish K-1 fighter Michal Turinsky, who is number one on the KOK rating chart, and heavyweight fighter from Latvia Reinis Porozovs who is number four in KOK rating chart.

Porozovs is multiple Latvian and other Baltic countries boxing champion and world vice-champion of Kickboxing, he has huge experience in professional kickboxing tournaments and has many fights.

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