Tim Gramkow retains the German judo title in Stuttgart

At the first day of the German Championships in Stuttgarts SCHARRena, Caroline Fritze from SC Bushido Berlin captured the gold medal in her category U57kg. Fritze defeated former European medallist Pauline Starke in the German final. Last year’s winner Jana Ziegler from UJKC Potsdam lost to Anne-Sophie Kempf from SC Lotos Berlin in the quarter-finals. The Brandenburg woman secured bronze in the end as well as a bronze medal for Anne-Sophie Kempf. Fritze became the youngest winner of the day.

In the women’s division U63kg Nadja Bazynski from TSV Bayer 04 Leverkusen claimed the gold medal. It was her second German title in her career. In the final she overcame youngster Annabelle Winzig, the only finalist born in this century. The experienced Sappho Coban and Agatha Schmidt took the bronze medals in this weight class.

The gold medal U70kg went to Julie Hölterhoff won her first German title. She defeated Lea Pueschel in the battle for gold. Bertille Murphy and Leonie Beyersdorf stunted to a beautiful bronze medal.

Michel Adam regained the German title successfully that he captured for the first time in 2018. In the final U73kg he was able to defeat Lukas Vennekold in the last minute by Wazari. Alexander Gabler and Yerrick Schriever took bronze.

Also Tim Gramkow was able to claim his second German title of January last year in Stuttgart. In his weight class U81kg he better than Timo Cavelius.  Tom Droste and Emil Hennebach took bronze.

Tim Schmidt won his first German title. In the final he defeated Martin Matijass and they shared the podium with Johann Lenz and Hannes Conrad.

Source: www.judoinside.com

Image: Falk Scherf

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