TJ Dillashaw reveals he will only be out three months after successful knee surgery

TJ Dillashaw will only be out three months after having knee surgery.

In Dillashaw’s return fight against Cory Sandhagen, he appeared to hurt his knee in the first round. It threw off his footwork but he still hung in the fight and ended up winning a split decision. However, Dillashaw knew his knee was injured and on Thursday underwent successful surgery.

“I had a medial meniscus bucket handle tear, a lateral meniscus tear, and a PCL tear,” Dillashaw told Brendan Schaub this past Saturday during “UFC 265 Calabasas Fight Companion” (via MMAJunkie). “I’m just glad it wasn’t ACL. I’m happy with the results because it would’ve been nine months (if it would’ve been an ACL tear). I’m looking at a three-month recovery right now until I get back to training, (then) fight for the title at the beginning of next year.”

TJ Dillashaw also says he’s surprised Sandhagen never heard or felt his knee pop. He says it made a sound and he knew his knee was messed up. Yet, he knew he had to push through to get the win.

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