Tyron Woodley reveals plans for 2022, says he will return to MMA next July

Former UFC welterweight champion Tyron Woodley revealed his plans for 2022, saying that he will return to MMA next July.

Woodley was released by the UFC earlier this year following a submission loss to Vicente Luque at UFC 260. He then made the move to the world of boxing and made his professional boxing debut when he took on Jake Paul in August. Although Woodley lost a split decision in that fight, he made a lot of money doing so, and it feels like he still has more fights left for him inside the boxing ring. Indeed, it looks like Woodley is interested in boxing again — in addition to competing in MMA and then two other combat sports events.

Speaking to MMAjunkie.com at Triller Triad Combat, Woodley revealed his plans for 2022. “The Chosen One” said that his goal is to fight four times next year for four promtions.

“I’m the only free agent in combat sports. Nobody else can say they’re a free agent. I can fight here, I can fight there. I can fight anywhere,” Woodley said. “You’re going to see my fight multiple times, for different promotions – four different styles of fighting. I’m going to be the first one to do it, and then everybody else is going to follow behind like they always do. One of them is going to be MMA. I plan on fighting in MMA in July in a real special fight to me. It’s probably going to be in Las Vegas.”

Of the four fighting styles that Woodley mentioned, we can already assume that he will compete in boxing and MMA, so that’s two. If he fights for Triller Triad Combat, that is the third ruleset. Perhaps the fourth fight could be a Muay Thai match for another unique style.

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