Tyson Fury agrees to $1 million bet with Jake Paul for Tommy Fury fight

Tyson Fury is ready to put down seven figures on his brother Tommy Fury to beat Jake Paul but he’s not exactly sold that the former YouTube sensation turned undefeated boxer will be able to pay up.

The wager started after Fury initially said he would put down $100,000 on his younger sibling to win the Madison Square Garden-headlining fight coming up on Aug. 6, which had Paul looking to raise the stakes.

“Hey Tyson, you f****** p*****, you made $40 million — not as much as me — but let’s up the ante,” Paul said on Twitter. “Let’s bet a million on it Tyson. Two million, three million, however much you want to f****** bet. Let’s do it.

“So f*** your $100K, let’s make a better bet and make it worth a couple million. Are you down?”

It didn’t take long for Fury to respond and accept the challenge as he offered to put up more money backing his brother Tommy, but he also wants some guarantees from Paul to make the bet official.

According to Fury, he’s not convinced Paul actually has the money to cover a $1 million bet so he wants to know the cash is real before committing to anything.

“Hey, Jakey Boy, I hear you want a bet a bigger bet than $100,000,” Fury said. “You want a bigger bet m***********? You want a million dollars? Let’s do it. Holler at your boy. You want a million, you got it.

“And hey, Jakey, I want to see this million dollars in escrow, sucker, cause I don’t think you’ve got a million dollars. I ain’t talking about crypto. I’m talking about real U.S. green backs m***********. Real U.S. dollars, no crypto.”

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