Tyson Fury dominates Deontay Wilder in all-time classic

And Still!

Tyson Fury is by far the best heavyweight boxer of this era and there’s no doubt “The Gypsy King” will forever be regarded as one of the all-time best fighters. The British fighter delivered when it counted and defeated Deontay Wilder for a second time, knocking him out in the 11th round of their trilogy fight in Las Vegas.

It was a great overall fight with both guys leaving it all on the ring. In the end, it was Tyson’s chin and great stamina that propelled him to the victory. The American got dropped in the third and the tenth rounds, while Fury was sent to the canvas twice in the fourth round.

Still, Wilder’s tactic to terrorize the body of the bigger and heavier Tyson Fury wasn’t enough. Wilder’s defense was nowhere near the level it should be in order to give Fury real problems in the course of a full fight. The 33-year-old WBC champion demonstrated he has real power in his hands and from the fifth round on, it was all him in every round.

Tyson could have stopped his adversary way earlier, but Fury probably paid too much respect to Wilder’s right hand, that landed on his face several times during the fight.

Unlike the second fight last year, this time Fury was fighting more from a distance and the clinch was used pretty often. Of course, he was using the clinch way better than Wilder, as he was putting his weight on Wilder’s upper body.

Fury showcased he can switch the tempo whenever he wants to, sometimes firing combos to the head, and other times just checking Wilder.

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