Tyson Fury hints at retirement plans

The best heavyweight boxer in today’s game Tyson Fury is adamant he won’t be fighting for too long. The reigning WBC and lineal champion believes his time in boxing is coming to an end and there a real chance his last fights will come together in 2022 and probably 2023.

“Every good dog has its day. Me being a good dog, my day is nearly over. I’m 33-years-old and I’ve been through hell and back. I’ve ballooned up and down to 28 stone. I’ve been back up and down all my life,” Fury said.

“I haven’t got a 40-year-old career in me. I’ve got maybe another year or so left, and that’s it. Another couple of fights, and that’s it. I’m out. I’ve got nothing to prove. I’ve got nothing to finalize with anybody.

“All I want to do is enjoy what I’ve done now, and that’s it. Have another couple of fights. I know my dad will be glad to see me walk away after a couple of fights.

“I’ve got a couple of fights left in me. Win, lose, or draw them, you’re going to see a good fight. That’s guaranteed.”

“The Gyspy king” returned to action in October when he KO’d Deontay Wilder. That was his first fight since the rematch between the American and the Brit that was held in February 2020.

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