Tyson Fury: I’m gonna knock Dillian Whyte out

Tyson Fury doesn’t care to keep his cards close to his chest.

The heavyweight king is preparing for upcoming defense of his WBC belt against countryman Dillian Whyte on April 23 at Wembley Stadium in London.

“I’m gonna knock him out,” Fury said of Whyte in an interview on BT sport with former two-division titlist Carl Frampton.

“I’m gonna tell you the game plan: straight out of the block, straight to the middle of the ring, push him back, straightaway. Big, heavy artillery from round one, and see how long he can take it for, without being hit back.”

In previous years, Fury’s prediction may have been heeded as nothing more than empty bluster, given his inclination for boxing, not brawling, his way to wins, oftentimes to bland effect.

Still, that does not mean that Fury plans on being completely reckless. Fury said he is well aware of Whyte’s favorite punch on the inside: the catch and counter, whereby one parries or blocks an incoming punch and immediately strikes back with a punch of own’s one.

“He’s got a good counter left hook,” Fury noted. “It’s not a single, jumping left hook or it’s not like a one-two and a left hook. It’s more of a catch the right hand, come back with the left hook.”

“But, in order to catch that right hand, it’s gonna detonate on him. So he’s catching it when it hits him on the glove. You know if you put your hands up like that (ear-muff defense, it still hurts [when the punch lands] doesn’t it? When you get punched and you block it like that, you punch right through the guard in devastating fashion. So block that, take that right hand, right to the face!”

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