Tyson Fury welcomes Francis Ngannou to ‘make some real money’

Francis Ngannou is still UFC champion and he still has Tyson Fury’s attention.

Following Ngannou’s hard-fought title defense against Ciryl Gane in the main event of UFC 270 on Saturday, heavyweight boxing champion Tyson Fury offered his congratulations to Ngannou on Twitter while continuing to tease a fight between the two.

“Congratulations Francis Ngannou,” Fury wrote. “But if you want to make some real money come see the ‘GK’ [Gypsy King].”

Fury’s boast has renewed relevance due to UFC 270 taking place in California, a state that discloses fighter payouts. According to the list of salaries acquired by MMA Fighting, Francis Ngannou was paid a base purse of $600,000 for his first UFC title defense (this figure does not include pay-per-view earning, sponsorship income, or any other discretionary bonuses that Ngannou may have received).

That number pales in comparison to what Fury was reportedly paid for his recent trilogy bout against Deontay Wilder. Factoring in his share of the pay-per-view revenue, Fury is said to have made an estimated $30 million for the Oct. 9, 2021, heavyweight championship fight.

In recent months, Ngannou and Fury have publicly discussed a fight of some kind, whether it be in boxing, MMA, or with special rules combining their two worlds. Top Rank President Todd duBoef called the potential matchup “a no-brainer” and Ngannou is also confident that the fight will happen at some point.

Ngannou’s contract status was major a topic of discussion heading into his fight with Gane, with Ngannou plainly stating that he will not sign a new deal with the UFC unless there are provisions that allow him to pursue opportunities in boxing. With the promotion’s title still around his waist, these negotiations are not likely to end neatly anytime soon.

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