Tyson Fury: Why Would I Fake COVID?

Tyson Fury laughed at Deontay Wilder’s theory that Fury faked COVID-19 to postpone their third fight.

Fury refuted Wilder’s claim during an interview with BoxingScene.com:

“I don’t care what Deontay Wilder says,” Fury said, “because, you know, if we wanna take this publicly, then we have medical records by doctors here in Las Vegas who tested me. So yeah, I don’t think you can fake COVID with the PCR test, when they stick a big thing up your nose. You’ve either got it or you haven’t. You know, there would be no reason for me to want COVID and get out of a Deontay Wilder fight. Why would I wanna chuck away 20, 30 million dollars to fight someone I’ve already knocked out quite comfortable? Why wouldn’t I wanna take that, like a lottery win for free?”

Before Fury failed a COVID test early in July, their third WBC heavyweight title fight was postponed multiple times due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

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“I’ve had COVID twice, two times,” Fury said. “I had it once back in like 2020 and once a couple of months ago. The first time was a lot harder than the second time because I lost my sense of smell and taste, and I felt weak and I felt terrible. The second time, I didn’t feel that terrible. The day I tested positive, I actually sparred 10 rounds. I felt a little bit under the weather, but I didn’t feel terrible. Like the first time I had it was a lot worse than the second time. But, you know, with COVID you can’t fight because the commission won’t let you fight anyway, even if you wanted to.”

Fury is listed as a 3-1 favorite to defeat Wilder in their third fight a week from Saturday night at “T-Mobile Arena” in Las Vegas.

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