UFC hall-of-famer Michael Bisping reveals he was ‘assaulted,’ but just ‘laughed and walked away’

UFC Hall of Famer Michael Bisping revealed that he was attacked on Saturday by a random stranger in New Orleans, Louisiana.

‘The Count’ says he was punched by a disgruntled bypasser after filming something in public but didn’t retaliate because his attacker hit like a ‘b-tch’.

Bisping simply laughed and walked away but could have caused some serious damage had he decided to fight back. The former UFC middleweight champion detailed the incident on Twitter.

“Was just assaulted guy got in my face for filming on a public street. I told him to go away and he punched me was literally so soft I laughed at him,So funny that someone that acts so tough hits like such a bitch, I laughed and walked away. Man I’m mature these days,” Bisping posted.

He followed up by posting a photo of the alleged attacker — see below.

Bisping is known to have quite the temper but the 42-year-old appears to have matured and mellowed with age. He used to have a very short fuse, according to former UFC welterweight Dan Hardy.

Bisping retired in 2018 but still works for the UFC as a co-commentator and BT Sports analyst. He also has his own podcast, ‘Believe You Me’which you can watch here.

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