Upgrading – the focus of Day 2 of the KWU International Professional League Camp

Upgrading in the training sessions and combinations were the topics in the morning session of the second day of the KWU International Professional League. The training was held in “Vladyslav” gym in SC “Black Sea” – Varna. The K-1 legends Peter Aerts were once again the main instructors and under their guidance over a 100 fighters trained together.

Semmy once again kept the instructors in awe with his methods and this time he included a lot of kids games in them. He did this due to the fact that many of the instructors coach kids too and for kids you need special methods to keep their attention.


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In Semmy`s lecture the main topic was structure and methods of training with different age groups. In the beginning he focused on the kids games which can make the kids get more involved in martial arts.

For example “Rock-paper-scissors” when the winner gets to chose what his opponent will do for a warm up. The coaches played a soft version of “Squid Game” (like the famous TV series) in which they had to freeze.

In the end Semmy let the instructors work on upgrading techniques that they like and perfect them. Peter Aerts worked with the fighters and in his training there was also a lot of sweat and mood. The Dutch legend bet on high intensity in his workout and gave almost no time for the fighters to rest.

Since the very first minute Aets paired up the fighters and showed them how they should gradually increase the tempo of the session and upgrade it with new elements.

He started up with a very light warm up and then went to defense mode work with a lot of footwork and head movement. He then showed a few combinations – first with punches, then with punches and kicks. He capped off with his favourite clinch and emphasized on heavy knees to the body and the head.

In the end “The Dutch Lumberjack” took the fighters` breath away with a lot of sit-ups and the words “If you stop now, that`s a knockout”.

The training camps of the KWU International Professional League are initiated by the chairman of the organization Shihan Ivo Kamenov, who is also the head of the National Combat Sports Association in Bulgaria.

Today there will also be an evening session that starts at 6 PM local time.


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