UWW announces new members of athletes` comission

United World Wrestling has announced seven new members of the organization’s Athletes’ Commission. The wrestlers were voted onto the commission by their fellow athletes at the 2021 Senior World Wrestling Championships in Oslo, Norway.

United World Wrestling’s Athletes’ Commission
LACEY GARITA, Maxwell Lemar (CRC)

The Athletes’ Commission was established in 2013 with the role of protecting the rights and interests of all United World Wrestling Olympic style athletes. The Athletes’ Commission members reach out and communicate with active athletes as peers to collect feedback.

Tasks and Duties 

  • Meet in person at least once a year and actively communicate and work toward upholding the mandate
  • Actively communicate with all UWW Olympic style athletes
  • Provide important information to all active UWW Olympic style athletes
  • To propose improvements on behalf of the athletes to the United World Wrestling Bureau.
  • To contribute their opinions to the United World Wrestling Executive Committee on amendments to the Rules.
  • To propose to the United World Wrestling Executive Committee possible improvements to the competition system and to the Rules.

The Athletes’ Commission in due time will decide on a chairperson from the seven members. The chairperson will be a voting member of the United World Wrestling bureau and replaces 2012 Olympic champion and four-time world gold medallist Jordan BURROUGHS (USA) who has served in the role since September 2017.

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