UWW hosts educator course in Guatemala

The first of two UWW Educator Courses was conducted in Peten, Guatemala, from 2-4 February. The course included 14 UWW Educators. The educators were mostly from Central and South America but also included a few educators from Europe.

This course was designed to help provide professional development and improve the skills of the educators.

During the course, they participated in activities to help them better understand adult learning principles, the use of formative assessments, and strategies to give proper feedback. The educators also conducted micro-leadership sessions where they had to teach the other educators some topics that are within the UWW education courses. The training was conducted by Vincent AKA (CIV) and Zach ERRET (USA).

“The course was great! The educators were very professional and were actively participating throughout the course. It was great to see them apply some of the principles that were covered in the course.”  Said Zach ERRET, UWW Education Manager.

“Seeing these educators literally integrate the process of professionalism through training is heartwarming. And I have total confidence in their ability to train our future coaches and referees with regard to what they have demonstrated during their training. They can always count on our department to support them in their mission for the coming years.” said Vincent AKA, UWW Development Officer.

This course also included an opportunity to experience and learn the culture and history in Guatemala. At the conclusion of the course, the educators had an opportunity to visit and tour Tikal National Park. This was one of the sites of the ancient Mayan civilization.

This experience allowed the educators to build stronger relationships with each other.

“Visiting Tikal National Park was amazing! We do not often get a chance to see historical sites and learn about the culture of the country. To have an opportunity to learn about this ancient civilization and see it firsthand was outstanding. Hosting the course and providing this experience is just another great example of the vision that President Lee has to not only raise the level of wrestling in the Americas but to provide an incredible experience for those attending events.” Said Zach ERRETT, UWW Education Manager.

This course and tour were organized by Mr. Francisco LEE LÓPEZ (President of UWW Americas) and his team. They did an amazing job of organizing the entire event and provided a top environment for a lifetime’s training and cultural experience.

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