UWW Renews ’22 Referee Scholarship Programme

United World Wrestling has announced that the Referee Scholarship Programme will be renewed in the upcoming 2022.

The scholarship will cover all referee’s local costs (full-board basis) and flight tickets to have a chance to attend the needed number of competitions and avoid the risk to be downgraded due to financial difficulties encountered by many national federations.

The offer will not cover the following:
– Visa fees
– Personal expenses

Rules and conditions:
– The scholarship programme is available only for NFs of developing countries with limited financial resources;
– The categories of candidates should be II, I or IS;
– The number of competitions per candidate you can apply is 2;
– The maximum number of candidatures that UWW can submit for the scholarship is 10 (2 competitions) or 15 (1 competition);
– The list of submitted candidates will be made according to the balance between male and female (50/50) in addition to the above-mentioned points.

In order to confirm ones participation, they must complete the enclosed UWW Referees Scholarship Programme Application Form and return it no later than 31 December 2021.

Please be aware that due to a long waiting list, UWW will not be able to extend this offer after the aforementioned deadline.

UWW reminds that only National Federations can submit the applications for approval. The decision on the applications will be made by Refereeing Commission of UWW no later than 30 January 2022.

Source: www.uww.org

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