Velchovski, Petje and van Dijk gathered all the individual awards at SENSHI 18


The managers and staff at SENSHI surely had some trouble figuring out how to pick only three people out of the 24 who participated at the 18th edition of the gala in order to give the individual awards for Fighting spirit, Best knockout and Best technique. There wore not bad answers here.

Mihail Velchovski needed to dig deep into his heart in order to win his fight against Ayoub Benaddya. He gave it all and pushed for an extra fourth round where he won it and that’s what impressed the most so that he can receive the Fighting spirit award.

Tonny van Dijk was the only one who ensured that he will receive the prize for the Best KO because we saw an early finish only in his KWU Open bout with Mariyan Dimitrov. He won via submission with an excellent armbar in the first round.

We all know that defense is one of the main things for a fighter if he wants to win any match and Samo Petje proved to be a true master when it comes to avoiding punches. Sadly for hit it wasn’t enough against Dragomir Petrov but the consolation prize for Best technique is going home with him.

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