Video: 600 vs. 600 fight in Russia

We’ve seen lots of Team MMA fights around these parts. That’s nothing new. But an organized ‘crowd fight’, that’s a little more rare.

Over the weekend there was a 600 vs. 600 fight at a festival called ‘Walk the Field’ outside of Moscow. Twitter user David Kime shared what that looked like over Twitter.

The video shows 600 men in black shirts charge into 600 men in yellow shirts. Absolute goonery then ensues, with men wailing on each other from all angles. Most in the crowd appear to be wearing gloves of some description and there is headgear dotted around, too.

The fighting appears to continue until everyone punches themselves out (after about a minute). The fighters then revel in their display.

According to the uploader the fight represents the breaking of a world record (perhaps for number of people involved in a brawl). The uploader also claimed that the festival was honouring the 450 year anniversary over the Battle of Molodi.

The Battle of Molodi, which occurred in 1572, was a battle in which Tsar Ivan the Terrible’s Russian army defeated an army of Tatars from the Crimean Khanate lead by Devlet Giray Khan.

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