Video | Fan pushes Jorge Masvidal at ‘Paul vs. Woodley 2’, immediately regrets his decision

A 17-year-old fight fan pushed Jorge Masvidal from behind at last night’s ‘Paul vs. Woodley 2’ event and immediately proceeded to regret the decision.

Masvidal (35-15 MMA) was in attendance yesterday evening at Amalie Arena to watch his friend and former training partner Tyron Woodley (0-2) rematch Jake Paul (5-0).

Woodley and Paul had of course previously clashed in a high-profile boxing match earlier this summer in Cleveland, with Jake walking away with a controversial split decision victory.

While the exact timing of the incident remains unknown, at some point a fight fan thought it would be a cool idea to push Jorge Masvidal from behind.

Jorge Masvidal’s manager Ibrahim Kawa later provided the following information regarding the incident.

“Kid decides to push Masvidal while Jorge was facing the ring. Quickly realizes that’s a big no no when Masvidal turns around and starts screaming “I’m 17, please I’m 17” with his hands up. Kids I tell you smh.”

This of course was not the only out of ring incident to occur at last night’s ‘Paul vs. Woodley 2’ event. UFC superstar Nate Diaz was also involved in a brief scuffle that saw him fake a punch at a man who proceeded to flinch and spill his beer (see that here).

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