Video: Mehdi Dakaev scores unreal mid-air knockout punch

Mehdi Dakaev capped off his latest title defense in style.

With just a few weeks until the new year, Dakaev somehow landed a knockout left hook while soaring through the air in the main event of Eagle Fighting Championship 43 on Friday in Moscow, a finish that could top some of the year’s best KOs.

Watch the highlight for yourself.

Following a flurry on opponent Makkasharip Zaynukov, Dakaev would not be denied a finish and he lunged at a retreating Zaynukov while leaving his feet and launching his left hand. Amazingly, he somehow landed his shot right on target and Zaynukov immediately dropped to the canvas unconscious.

Dakaev (14-2) successfully defended his EFC lightweight title a second consecutive time and has now won seven straight fights.

EFC, which is owned by former UFC lightweight champion Khabib Nurmagomedov, is soon to be expanding into the United States with an upcoming Miami card on Jan. 28 featuring Antonio Silva, Rashad Evans, and Tyrone Spong in action.

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