What can be the consequences of the Russian invasion in Ukraine for judo

After Russian forces began attacking its neighbor Ukraine, the long-feared invasion jolted markets, sent energy prices higher, and prompted promises of a new round of consequences on Russia. Major Sports federatoins have already cancelled future events happening on Russian ground.

This year in May the Grand Slam in Kazan is scheduled to be held in Russia. The week before the European Cup in Orenburg will be held in a country that is in a state of war. Within a month international cadets U18 years are scheduled to fight at the European Cup in Tula. Last two events are organized by the EJU.

It is interesting what the world of judo will decide. The friendly relation with Russian leaders within the IJF can be felt everywhere. Sponsors are Russian, events are held in Russia, Board members and advisors are Russian, money comes directly from Russia and the vice President of the IJF, Sergey Soloveychik is also President of the European Judo Union.

The invasion of Russia into Ukraine is an embarrassing situation for the leaders of the EJU and IJF dealing in a world wide sport where solidarity is the theme of last year’s World Judo Day.

Vladimir Putin who is an honorary member of the International Judo Federation brings both leaders in problems. First of all because some of the main events should be taken from the calendar. German Football club Schalke 04, immediately took its sponsor Gazprom from their shirt. Gazprom

Ukraine organized European Cups for cadets and juniors until 2013, the events were cancelled since 2014 when Russia usurped Crimea. Luckily some major international judo stars in Ukraine kept the morale high for Ukrainian judo.

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