Who’s Next: Watch the first two episodes of FloGrappling’s competition reality show (VIDEO)

FloGrappling’s new competition reality show “Who’s Next” is here. The show features up-and-coming grapplers competing in no time limit, submission-only matches for a cash prize and a three-match contract with Who’s Number One. On Wednesday, the show’s first two episodes dropped and are available free of charge without a subscription. Watch the first episode here.

No spoilers or results here. Below are the show’s first-round matches.

Who’s Next first-round matches:

Rene Sousa vs. Jacob Rodriguez
Andy Varela vs. Jansen Gomes
Izaak Michell vs. Josh Demas
Mike Rakshan vs. Spencer Fossier
Andrew Tackett vs. Fabian Ramirez
Kyle Chambers vs. Max Hanson
Daniel Manasoiu vs. Breylor Grout
Adam Bradley vs. Tristan Overvig
Each and every match is compelling in its own right, but several stand out as particularly notable.

Fresh off his incredible run through the ADCC West Coast Trials, the B-Team’s Jacob Rodriguez will face a stiff test in the first round as he takes on 10th Planet standout Rene Sousa. On paper, Sousa might have the edge due to his 10th Planet submission-hunting style, but Rodriguez has proven to be much more than just an wrestler, submitting each of his opponents at the ADCC Trials.

Also, ADCC West Coast Trials runner-up and former Submission Underground title challenger Andy Varela is rapidly becoming one of the most entertaining and aggressive grapplers in the sport. His wrestling, flying submissions, and front headlock game will be tested against Checkmat black belt Jansen Gomes. Gomes was incredibly dominant at brown belt, winning gi Worlds and double-gold at no-gi Worlds and Pans.

Finally, New Wave’s Daniel Manasoiu might be the favorite to win the entire competition. Not only is Manasoiu physically massive, he is a proven technician and is coming off a gold medal performance at the ADCC European Trials. He’ll be facing Legion American Jiu-Jitsu brown belt and no-gi Pans champion Breylor Grout.

On the show, competitors are divided into two teams, one coached by ADCC silver medalist Craig Jones, and one coached by current Who’s Number One heavyweight champion Tim Spriggs.

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